Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Religious Patriot and the Presidential Election

Voting is a sacred act. As members of a faith community, we look at candidates and propositions through a particular lens: How are the values of justice, compassion and inclusion expressed in an election? How should followers of Jesus (and Moses, Buddha and Mohammed) live out their values in their votes? And where is the line between voting our values and partisan politics?

At All Saints Church we have a long history of actively engaging in the political process while strongly opposing partisanship in the pulpit. This Sunday, October 7th, has been named “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” by certain clergy, an ill-conceived movement confusing pulpit freedom with partisan politics. As Ed Bacon said in 2005, in response to an IRS challenge to All Saints for preaching peace in a time of war, "Faith in action is called politics. Spirituality without action is fruitless and social action without spirituality is heartless. Having a partisan-free place to stand liberates the religious patriot to see clearly, speak courageously, and act daringly.”

At the 10:15 a.m. Rector’s Forum this Sunday, in “The Religious Patriot and the Presidential Election,” we will explore what we’ve learned since 2005 and why our commitment to the “both/and” of political engagement and partisan-free advocacy remains a bedrock of All Saints prophetic ministry. After a values-based critique of both party platforms, there will be an opportunity for questions and comments. Come to be informed and inspired!

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To live-stream the Rector's Forum from the All Saints website click here

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