Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grace in Action: Making A Joyful Noise!

"What brought you to All Saints Church?”
“The music.”
“What keeps you here?”
“The music! It takes me places. It’s the way I worship.”
The mission of the music ministry is to lead the All Saints community in liturgies that glorify God, move the heart and challenge the mind—all with great variety, color and reverence. Two adult choirs of 55 voices each and five children’s and youth choirs comprise the music program. These men, women and children give of their gifts to lead us all in worship, experiencing transformation themselves in the process. Enhancing our worship are the occasional instrumental ensembles throughout the year.

Gospel bands, jazz ensembles, brass quartets, chamber orchestras have all enriched our liturgical life—adding just that certain something to take our worship to an even higher level. Notes received following such Sunday experiences indicate ways in which this music touches those who receive it— “extraordinarily moving,” “thank you for stirring our souls,” so potent in its ability to heal,” “my grief was transformed by love,” tears were in my eyes because of such intense beauty.”

Our new director of Children’s Music was drawn to this program, in part, because it was clearly respected and valued by the entire parish. The many kids and parents involved with the program are deeply committed to this program that enriches the quality of our worship as it teaches young people leadership and musical skills.

Because of the financial crisis, we were forced to cut the Music budget in 2009 to enable us to balance the church budget. These budget cuts forced us to eliminate many of the musical offerings that have brought such joy and transformation to worshippers.

It is the aspiration of the Vestry and Staff that we would someday be able to bring the music budget back to 2008 levels which would enable us not only to provide instrumental accompaniment for special services but to provide scholarships for young people to fully participate in trips and special outings.

Your generous pledges and contributions provide for the music that inspires, teaches and transforms.

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