Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Community Witnesses to Grace in Action

Members of the Community Speak Out for All Saints at City Council

As Ed Bacon reminds us, “The measure of a healthy church is that the people outside the church have better lives.”

Since its founding All Saints has developed, and continues to evolve, more than 200 ministries and has fostered some of the largest non-profit agencies in this city, thanks to you and to many who came before you.

At a City Council meeting last April, the public hearing on our Master Development Plan and the Final Environmental Impact Report for our building project concluded with nearly four hours of testimony from community members in support of our need for more space for our ministry.

In talking about All Saints, they were talking about you – each one of you who works passionately, generously and tirelessly to make God’s love tangible to people in our community. Here’s what some of them had to say about your work through the church:

Christy Zamani | Executive Director of Day One

“All Saints has been a great gift to our city. They’ve started so many great organizations, like Day One, Young & Healthy, AIDS Service Center, Union Station, and so many more. They know how to listen to the community.”

Salam Al-Marayati | President of Muslim Public Affairs Council

“All Saints Church represents religious diversity not just in word, but in spirit and in action. It’s a place where I can have conversations with Jews and Christians about peacemaking. In order to have homeland security, we have to have human security. All Saints Church provides human dignity that provides that human security.”

Gerda Govine | Co-founder of City Conversations

“I was one of the people who worked with Lorna Miller to start City Conversations about difficult topics and difficult issues. [All Saints] has its fingerprints all over Pasadena. It helps make Pasadena what Pasadena has become. I’ve never been a member, but that hasn’t stopped me from being involved, and it hasn’t stopped the church from reaching out.”

Paul Jan Zdunek | Chief Executive of the Pasadena Symphony Association

“All Saints and Pasadena Symphony Association have a great partnership. We provide outreach and educational events to this community together. And All Saints Church, as you’ve heard many times tonight, is less of a church building and more of a community center.”

Mary Donnelly-Crocker | Executive Director of Young & Healthy

“I love the fact that Young & Healthy was birthed and incubated by OCC [Office of Creative Connections] at All Saints. OCC was given as a gift to the city as a present to celebrate the 100th birthday of the church. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Young & Healthy is just one of the many organizations that was created for this community – created to change lives. Young & Healthy alone has changed 23,000 little lives.”

Robert Floe | Pasadena Entrepreneur

“I’m a 25-year resident, 25-year business owner. I give 10-20 percent to the non-profits of Pasadena. I’m not a member of All Saints. I was approached to donate to the [building] project. And the only reason I’m doing it – and I’m doing it significantly – is because they’re going to build a building that’s going to create new non-profits that we’ve never heard of. I really urge you… let’s get this on.”
We are so grateful to the members of the community for their support and to each of you for your dedication to the work of All Saints. Through your generous donations of your time, your talents and your financial resources, we’re able to put God’s love and grace into action in our city.

We appreciate all you give!

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