Friday, March 23, 2012

Holy Week and Easter Services at All Saints Church

Commit yourself to walk with Jesus this week. The services of Holy Week commemorate Jesus’ descent into death before the great miracle of Easter. The crowds’ cheers at Jesus’ triumphal parade into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday turn to jeers and the demand for his blood on Good Friday. If you allow yourself to descend to the depths of despair in what seem to be Jesus’ final hours, you will experience in new ways the incomparable power of the resurrection of Easter. Daily Eucharist traces the journey, building through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to the triumph of Easter.

• Thursday, April 5 --Eucharist: 7:00 a.m. and 12:10 p.m. (Chapel)

At 7:30 p.m. in the Church a beautiful evening service recalls the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples. The congregation is invited to participate in the washing of the feet, symbolic of the servant ministry Jesus instituted with the disciples. The Trouvères offer music. This is a Spanish/English liturgy. All are welcome. Parking is available at Plaza Las Fuentes.
Good Friday Three-Hour Service:
Noon to 3 p.m. (Church). This service commemorating the passion and death of Jesus is a major moment in Holy Week. The rector and members of the clergy staff offer five meditations on the meaning of the crucifixion in our own time. Canterbury and Coventry choirs offer music. Parking is available at Plaza Las Fuentes. Signs and parking attendants will direct you.

Good Friday Stations of the Cross:
Our Good Friday noon service is followed by a bilingual Stations of the Cross pilgrimage. The journey will begin on the lawn at 3 p.m., immediately following the Good Friday noon service.

Tenebrae (God in the Darkness):
7:30 p.m. (Church). This ancient candlelight service commemorates the somber in-between-time of waiting, offering an opportunity to grieve Jesus’ death and sense a glimmer of hope of the resurrection. Coventry Choir Renaissance Singers offer music. Parking is available at Plaza Las Fuentes.

Children’s Vigil:
4 p.m. (Church). Celebrate the conclusion of Holy Week and beginning of Easter with children leading this service through reading and music with infant and child baptisms. Mastersingers and Troubadours offer music. Bring a bell to ring at the Easter proclamation!

The Great Vigil of Easter:
The service begins at 7:30 p.m. in the street with the kindling of the fire and lighting of the Paschal candle, then proceeds into the Church to experience the stories of our faith and to baptize adults by candlelight. You’re invited to bring bells to ring during the Gloria. Parking is available in the Plaza Las Fuentes.
Festive Eucharist: 7:00, 9:00 and 11:15 a.m.; 1:00 p.m. Spanish-language Eucharist
The rector preaches in the midst of a blaze of candles, lilies and trumpets. At 7:00, 9:00; 11:15 a.m. Coventry and Canterbury choirs and Trouvères, brass and percussion ensemble, and soloists offering music of Peeters, Near, Ives, and Hopkins; At 1 p.m. Dan Cole leads music. Normal Sunday parking is available in Kaiser and Plaza Las Fuentes—remember, the Plaza is free only until 1 p.m.

EASTER EGG HUNT! Join us for the Easter Egg Hunt, following the 9:00 a.m. service on the north playground for Kindergarten - Fifth grade children. Younger children who are in child care will have their own egg hunt on the playground area behind Scott Hall.

Child care is available for 7:30 p.m. weekday Eucharists, Maundy Thursday evening, Good Friday noon and evening, the Children’s Vigil, the Great Vigil, and all services on Easter Sunday.

For more information visit the All Saints website or contact Liturgy Director Melissa Hayes

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nets for Life 4 Lent!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Message from Ed Bacon about the Building Project

I want to share with you some very good news about our Building Project. Last night the Pasadena Planning Commission concurred with the Planning Staff in recommending to the City Council certification of our EIR (Environmental Impact Report) and adoption of our Master Plan. This is a significant step forward, toward final approval of our much needed expansion project.

We now look toward the April 16 meeting of the City Council grateful for all the community input that has strengthened our Master Plan, and excited about the opportunities for mission and ministry these long-dreamed-of buildings will bring to All Saints Church and to the City of Pasadena.

For more information on the Building Project, visit the All Saints website.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making God's love tangible one mosquito net at a time!

Join with Episcopalians around the diocese and Anglicans around the world by making God's love tangible one mosquito net at a time!

There are an estimated 250 mission cases of malaria each year, resulting in nearly 800,000 deaths. The majority of these deaths are children younger than five years old. Join us in the fight against malaria in Africa by supporting the Nets for Life project!

One simple $12 net can save up to three lives in Sub-Saharan Africa -- and the Diocese of Los Angeles has set a goal of 40,000 nets in the 40 Days of Lent.

The All Saints Goal is 2000 ... and as of this very moment (2:34 pm on Wednesday, March 14) we have 426.

To give now, click here to visit the InspirationFund Nets for Life website where you can donate on line. (Remember to put All Saints | Pasadena | California in the Church/Parish information field to make your donation count toward our goal.)

To give on Sunday stop by the table on the lawn.

For more information or to volunteer contact Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes

Give a net. Save a life. Go. Do it. Now!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Contemplative Eucharist: Sunday, March 11 | 9:00 & 11:15 a.m.

An All Saints first – a contemplative liturgy without a spoken word.

Meeting God in the Still and Silent Places

Take a Soul Break, a time of prayers without words,
to open yourself to the blessings of joy, healing and peace.
Immerse yourself in music, silence,
and the beauty of our church’s architecture.
The printed liturgy will contain
poetry and other devotional readings for us to consider.
We will sing the congregational hymns as usual.

The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated through music,
offered by Coventry Choir with cello, flute, piano and organ.
The choir with organ and instrumentalists will offer anthems
and music in place of the spoken words
of the sermon, the prayers, the announcements.

The service will include music of Fauré, Vivaldi, Franck, Debussy,
MacMillan, Kodaly, Alain, Clara Schumann and Mendelssohn.
The prayers of the people will be an opportunity for usto move to votive candle stands
to light a candle and pause for a moment.

The children will have an extended Children’s Chapel and
Eucharist where they will experience similar music,
prayers and meditation in as much silence as possible.

Come! Join us for an oasis of contemplation
Sunday, March 11 | 9 & 11:15 a.m.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ending the War on Women: Lent & Liberation [Dr. Jay Johnson]

Last Sunday we had the extraordinary privilege of having the Reverend Dr. Jay Emerson Johnson with us for a Rector’s Forum entitled “Ending the War on Women: Lent & Liberation” where he challenged us to think "both historically and theologically about the recent flare-up in this war on women.”

“I want to be really clear and explicit right up front that I'm offering these observations as a white gay man,” he began. “I say this because I am perplexed by the near deafening silence from so many white gay men concerning the twin poisons of sexism and racism in North Atlantic societies today. This is deeply troubling to me, especially since homophobia is but a symptom of a much deeper confluence of male privilege and white supremacy in our history and in our world. If we fail to link male privilege with white supremacy we do so, I believe, at our grave peril.”

“We should note, for example that the latest fiascoes over access to contraception are not just brief regurgitations of the so-called culture war. They are instead of instances of a much longer and deeper struggle for control over women's bodies -- and therefore, also a struggle for the liberation of all bodies. It is also a struggle for the liberation of all bodies: women's bodies, men's bodies, children's bodies, the bodies of all other animals ... the body of this planet itself, Mother Earth. Indeed there is a direct link between the kind of male privilege that lays claim to women's bodies and rapes this planet for resources. I truly believe if we ended the war on women we would save the planet."

Trust me when I tell you NOT to miss this one: