Monday, September 19, 2011

Update from the All Saints Front: Vault Project On Schedule

Today begins Week Two and Phase Two of the "Great All Saints Vault Project."
If you missed the earlier installments click here for a report from last Monday.

The new electrical vault has now been lowered into place and construction workers are preparing it for the switch-over process ... migrating all the All Saints campus electrical and communication components from the old vault into the new one.

It is that process that will precipitate the All Saints campus being without power from Tuesday, September 20 through Thursday, September 22.

That means:
  • No phones.
  • No voicemail.
  • No email
So Remember:

● For pastoral care emergencies call: 626.298.9551 
● For non-emergency matters requiring immediate attention email: 
● For updates on the status of the project keep an eye on this blog

An email notification will be sent out as soon as we’re back “up and running” so watch for that! We appreciate your patience and good humor during this stressful time, and we are very grateful for the leadership of Lonnie Schield, chair of Buildings and Grounds, in guiding us through it.

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