Friday, September 23, 2011

All Saints Stands Against Torture: Joins National Religious Campaign Against Torture action at Dick Cheney's Simi Valley speech

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking Tuesday night in Simi Valley, was unapologetic about many of the most controversial policies of the Bush administration, defending waterboarding as merely 'enhanced interrogations' and calling the government's surveillance program 'one of the greatest success stories of American intelligence.'

Before [Cheney's] talk, about 25 local supporters of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture protested Cheney's visit at the library's entrance on Presidential Drive. The campaign has criticized the arguments Cheney conveys throughout his memoir — that torturing detainees is a useful and acceptable means of punishing and gathering information from them.

"Torture carried out by the past administration has caused one of the darkest stains on our nation's history," said Virginia Classick of Woodland Hills, who organized the protest.

Read the rest of the Ventura Star News report here.

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