Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ched Myers at All Saints Church | Saturday, April 27


On the Road to Emmaus:
Hearing the Prophetic Imperative to Transform Our Lives

with Ched Myers -- Biblical Scholar and Animator

Saturday, April 27 | 9am--1pm | in the Forum at All Saints Church
132 North Euclid Ave, Pasadena

In the continuing tradition of our previous Sabbath Economic studies, we'll explore the remarkable politics and theology within Luke 24:10-48. Two of Jesus’disciples—running scared and discouraged from Jerusalem after the death of their leader—encounter a stranger on the road to Emmaus. In their anxiety, we will encounter our own fear and trepidation at the nature of a world enslaved in violence, addictions and deadened conscience.

In their "hearts burning" we will be empowered by the revelation of God's liberating, non-violent, loving message found within the prophetic tradition. Join us as we move deeply within scripture to recover what our faith means in a world economically antithetical to God's Kingdom.

The day will include:
• Ched Myer's presentation sessions
• Small group sharing
• Books and study guides
• Follow up opportunities for action and reflection
• Community loaves and fishes lunch
• Sustainable World dessert

Please bring your lunch, Bible, and a $5 donation.
The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics by Ched Myers and Sabbath Economics: Household Practices by Matthew Colwell available for sale.

Please reserve in advance with Marty Coleman at 626-792-4941 or martycoleman@pacbell.net

Sponsored by:
Sustainable World, an economic justice ministry at All Saints Church, in partnership with:
• All Saints Church Peace & Justice Ministries, Francisco Garcia, Director
• All Saints Church Economic Justice Working Group
• Pasadena Mennonite Church
• Knox Presbyterian Church
Urban Village of Pasadena
• Progressive Christians Uniting, Reverend Peter Laarman, Executive Director

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