Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awards and Rewards in Movies: Kenneth Turan in the Rector's Forum this Sunday!

Will “The King’s Speech” duke it out with “The Fighter” to win best picture? Will directors who shepherd good films be rewarded as well? Will any of the elaborate gowns be outrageous enough to fill gossip blogs for weeks to come?

Answers to all these questions and more will be answered this Sunday when our film-critic-in-residence Ken Turan returns to the Rector’s Forum for another award winning presentation of what’s hot and what’s not in the movie business – at recent film festivals and in the Oscar race. Turan says he loves coming here because of the questions from the audience, as well as the push-back he gets from some of the opinions he offers.

His presentation will not only prepare you to watch the Academy Awards next Sunday night, it will be award-winningly fun to experience. Turan has been with us for important discussions of movies and meaning at our Lent Event and our conversations about religion and values in panels over the years. We are grateful and honored to welcome him back.

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