Monday, October 25, 2010

Tom Hayden Returns to the Rector's Forum

"The Leadership in Exiting"

If the fact that this country marks the 10th anniversary of our war in Afghanistan causes you concern, you will want to be in the Rector’s Forum at All Saints Church in Pasadena on Sunday. Peace activist Tom Hayden updates us on a new study group’s proposal to “fast track a peace process” in Afghanistan and withdraw 32,000 American troops by October 2011 and another 38,000 by 2011.

The director of the study group, Matthew Hoh, is a former Marine and the first U.S. official to resign in protest of the Afghanistan war in 2009. Alternatives suggested in this report, “A New Way Forward,” will provoke discussion during President Obama’s review of war policy in December.

In the midst of public discouragement over the state of the economy and the paralyzed-by-polarity congress, is a viable peace movement possible? Former state senator and the leader of Sixties peace, justice and environmental movements, Tom Hayden has not lost heart. Come hear his thoughts on ending what he calls “these unwinnable, unaffordable and unnecessary wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Join us for this important and imformative forum on Sunday, October 31 at 10:15 a.m. ... or watch the live video stream on the All Saints website.

For more information on the Rector's Forum call Maren Tompkins at 626.583.2711

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