Thursday, October 14, 2010

The All Saints Time Bank -- A new ministry at the right place at the right time!

This Sunday, one of the "featured ministries" at All Saints Church will be the brand new "All Saints Time Bank" -- an innovative project designed to build community through the giving and receiving of the gift of time.

From the Time Bank website:
All Saints Church is a place where people are encouraged to strive for health and wholeness in their lives and in the lives of their brothers and sisters everywhere. It is a place where we are committed to “making God’s love tangible 24/7.” The All Saints Church Time Bank takes these words to heart, making love tangible in our church community by the simple acts of giving and receiving. The All Saints Church Time Bank is an economy without money. It offers the All Saints community a way both to give and to receive time and talent as we respond to each others’ needs, building connections and community.
Here's a segment from a recent Good Morning America feature on the Time Bank concept:

And here's what some of the organizers of the All Saints Time Bank had to say in response to the question: What excites you about this new ministry?
“The Time Bank concept appealed to me enormously in its ability to make a real difference in others' lives one small deed at a time, creating extended family and deeper community connections. Meeting Edgar Cahn, the founder of Time Banks, sealed the deal for me. He's a true 60s activist, a visionary still seeking ways to promote peace and justice, and speaking a remarkable version of "All Saints-ian" language!” -- Lynne Tuite

I love that the Time Bank has it all – everything that All Saints stands for: it builds community, there is profound spirituality at the center of the message that we all have something valuable to contribute to the community, and it is an instrument of peace and justice in that it values an hour of labor equally, whether it’s legal advice or dog walking. The way God values all of us.” – Christina Honchell

“For or me it embraces the wonderful Spiritual Law of circulation...what is given is received...we are One! In this same flavor and what excites me the most is the gift of giving and receiving that has been made unique and special to our own community at All Saints. We "get to" love our neighbors! I might add that I feel a sense of growth and excitement, that Time Bank already has a life of it own. That more and more good will unfold from it as it expands and expands. Is God good or what?” – Martin Mcilvenna

"The ASC community incorporates such a diverse, talented, challenging group of people, and our contacts are often hurried, incidental, and without the substance they deserve. So many great people, so little chance to get to know them better! When I became acquainted with Time Banking, I saw it as the way to bridge the gap, to deepen the connections, to make that handshake at the kiss of peace an opening to reach out and join more closely with another on the same path, wherever we are.” – John Tuite
So come check it out! Visit the Time Bank webpages. Contact organizers for more information. Or visit the table on the lawn this Sunday -- October 17 -- to find out more.

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