Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ed Bacon on Marriage Equality

Statement from All Saints' rector Ed Bacon on Supreme Court Marriage Equality cases:

I have been blessing same-sex unions for almost 18 years and during the weeks we in California could marry same-sex couples I enthusiastically and joyfully officiated over many. These experiences with same-sex families have been filled with God’s blessings and an inspiring incident of seeing the fruit of the Spirit present in these families.

I’ll never forget two men I married after they had been living in fidelity and mutual love for more than 26 years. I asked them why they wanted after all these years to get married in the church. One said, “After all these years we have seen our love for one another grow not diminish. We came to the conclusion that the two of us could not manufacture that love that brims over every day. We concluded that our love had to be coming from God.”

I’m praying that the Supreme Court declares bigoted anti-gay marriage laws unconstitutional.

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  1. Could you please respond to this issue Biblically? There are some very specific versus in the Bible that condemn this. It is something that I struggle with. I know that God is Love, I know that Jesus wants us to love. However, the Bible lists this as a sin. Could you please respond with Biblical answers and examples and explanations to this issue. I think that it would help me and others. Thank you.