Monday, May 14, 2012

All Saints says THANK YOU!

In response to their recent statements supporting marriage equality, All Saints' rector Ed Bacon wrote the following "thank you note" to the President and Vice President ... inviting parish members to go and do likewise by writing their own notes at tables on the lawn on Sunday, May 13.

Dear President Obama and Vice President Biden,

Thank you for your recent statements in support of marriage equality.

For decades All Saints Church has served as a beacon of justice and inclusion. The mission of our parish – to embody the inclusive love of God in Christ through spirituality, community, and peace & justice – has led us to protest Japanese internment, fight racial segregation, oppose the Vietnam War and the wars in Iraq, work to reverse the nuclear arms race, declare ourselves “prayerfully pro-choice,” and stand for marriage equality.

We believe that love between two persons, upheld in mutual commitment and relationship with God, is a complete and honorable union which is indeed Holy Matrimony. This year All Saints is proud to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of same gender blessings in our parish. Until the time has come when our lesbian and gay sisters and brothers are able to legally marry, All Saints will refrain from serving as the agent of the state in this regard. Consequently, we ask heterosexual couples to have a civil marriage; then we offer church blessings for unions and marriages alike, until the law serves all God’s children equally.

Enclosed please find personal notes from members of our community who express their thoughts, feelings, enthusiasm and gratitude in response to your new position on gay marriage.

The Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, Rector
All Saints Church, Pasadena

If you missed the chance to send your note of thanks, you can click here and send one directly to the White House.

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