Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making God's love tangible one mosquito net at a time!

Join with Episcopalians around the diocese and Anglicans around the world by making God's love tangible one mosquito net at a time!

There are an estimated 250 mission cases of malaria each year, resulting in nearly 800,000 deaths. The majority of these deaths are children younger than five years old. Join us in the fight against malaria in Africa by supporting the Nets for Life project!

One simple $12 net can save up to three lives in Sub-Saharan Africa -- and the Diocese of Los Angeles has set a goal of 40,000 nets in the 40 Days of Lent.

The All Saints Goal is 2000 ... and as of this very moment (2:34 pm on Wednesday, March 14) we have 426.

To give now, click here to visit the InspirationFund Nets for Life website where you can donate on line. (Remember to put All Saints | Pasadena | California in the Church/Parish information field to make your donation count toward our goal.)

To give on Sunday stop by the table on the lawn.

For more information or to volunteer contact Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes

Give a net. Save a life. Go. Do it. Now!!


  1. Thanks for the info's. i've learned a lot from it. Thanks for posting it! :) ..