Thursday, February 16, 2012

CITIZENS REVOLT: Pasadena Weekly Reports on efforts to overturn "Citizens United"

Patrick Briggs, his wife Maddie Gavel-Briggs and other members of Occupy Democracy-Pasadena met with [Representative Adam] Schiff Monday in his office. Members of the group tried to convince the congressman to co-sponsor HJR 90. But Schiff countered that he was reluctant to co-sponsor legislation to amend the Constitution, which he believes should be done only as a last resort.

“I have opposed constitutional amendments on a range of subjects over the years but will be giving this one serious consideration,” said Schiff, a former federal prosecutor. “I'm also exploring changes to the state laws of incorporation to address the horrendous impact of Citizens United and to make our electoral system more open, fair and transparent.”

Despite Schiff’s reluctance to support the amendment, Briggs said the meeting went well.

“It was a good meeting. This amendment is fundamental to returning our democracy to what it used to be when it was accountable to the people,” Briggs told the Weekly. “If corporate money is going to run our government, why bother voting?” [snip]
Deutch’s bill has the support of the Rev. Ed Bacon, rector of All Saints Church. In a letter to Schiff dated Monday, Bacon praised the congressman’s leadership skills and urged him to support the proposed legislation.

“In my sermon of Jan. 22, 2012, at All Saints Church, Pasadena, I joined in the call for a constitutional amendment to ensure that Citizens United is reversed and that the notion of corporate personhood cannot be constitutionally protected,” Bacon wrote. “I would appreciate your doing everything in your power to support such a constitutional amendment along with any other measures that would in the meantime counter the deleterious effects of Citizens United on our electoral process.”

Briggs reported that Schiff promised to continue researching the issue and consider co-signing. “He did say that in 11 years of being in Congress, he has never supported an amendment to the US Constitution and is hesitant to do so now,” Briggs wrote. “He also said, however, that the damage that ‘Citizens United’ has done to our democracy warrants him taking more of a look and to at least consider our request that he co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 90.”

Read the rest here ... and watch an excerpt from the January 22nd sermon here.

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