Friday, July 22, 2011

Alert the Media! All Saints Pasadena Celebrates New York Marriage Equality

Here's the press release the All Saints Communication Office sent out yesterday:

On Sunday, July 24, All Saints Church, Pasadena, will celebrate the advent of marriage equality in New York with prayers of thanksgiving and wedding cake on the lawn.

“At All Saints Church we have a long history of setting audacious goals and celebrating incremental victories,” said the Reverend Susan Russell, Senior Associate for Communication & Inclusion. “And while we have not yet reached the audacious goal of marriage equality for all, we have an important and incremental victory to celebrate in Sunday’s dawn of marriage equality in New York."

“What we’ll be saying at All Saints Church on Sunday is that WE DO support marriage equality – and members of the parish will be making their voices heard not only through their prayers in church but through a 'Congratulations, New York!' photo project on the lawn after church. And our adult education hour will include an offering called “Marriage Equality 101” – updating parishioners on where we are in the journey toward equality both in our church and in our country."

Rev. Russell continued, “At All Saints Church we believe in a Protect Marriage movement that protects all marriages and in Family Values that value all families. So we are delighted to join with our brothers and sisters in New York state who are embracing equality for same-sex couples even as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for the return of marriage equality here in California and for the end of federal marriage discrimination.”

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