Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Passion According to Saint Matthew

The video of Palm Sunday's chancel drama at All Saints Church is now available online and is getting "rave reviews" on Facebook. Here are a few:
  • "Wow!" -- South Carolina
  • "Double Wow" -- Santa Maria
  •  "Thank you for posting this most powerful interpretation of the Gospel. It blew my socks off." -- Delaware
  • "Gratitude to the saints at All Saints who point toward the light!" -- Massachusetts
So -- without further ado -- with gratitude to ALL the saints at All Saints who make this work and witness available not only to those gathered in church on a Sunday morning but to those watching from afar -- here is "The Passion According to Saint Matthew."

Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011, following the Gospel of Matthew (27:11-54)
Directed by John Ahart
Performed by MaryAnn Ahart, Tom Allen, Frank Ashford, Danny Banks, Jamie Donnelly, Alastair Greeves, Anina Minotto, Jaclyn Carmichael Palmer, Tom Schulz and Alma Stokes.

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