Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Transformative Power of Words with Kim Rosen

This Sunday -- December 19th -- in the Rector's Forum:
Kim Rosen has discovered that words have the power to change one’s life. When Rosen and her book Saved by a Poem were profiled in the New Yorker a year ago, millions of other individuals also discovered this. We know those times when a poem, a prayer, or some sacred writing is speaking to us because it reverberates somewhere in our soul.

Rosen takes this attraction a step further by asserting that speaking this poem or prayer aloud may cause shifts in our feelings, thoughts, and biochemistry that open our consciousness, aligning us with what matters most. Especially during these challenging and uncertain times, sacred writings can become companions through difficulty, a wakeup call, and a source of peace and inspiration.

If, for some reason, you had a negative reaction to poetry in your school days, leave that all behind, and prepare to be surprised by the possibilities for new and deep experiences in your life. Copies of Rosen’s book will be available.

In the All Saints Forum at 10:15 a.m. ... or Live Streaming here.

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