Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Worship @ All Saints Church

An All Saints Church parishioner brought to our attention this post ... part of a blog series by religious historian Keith Watkins.

The series sets out (Watkins writes) "to outline characteristics of the church’s definitive liturgy of Word and Sacrament that meet three criteria: shaped by the historic tradition, expressed in the culture of our own time, and performed in a manner suitable to the occasion. In this first column of the series, I give a preview by noting characteristics of worship at All Saints Church, which I believe are consistent with these criteria."

It begins:
First, the celebration conveys the sense that what is going on is important—important enough for the leaders to be well prepared and skilled in the performance of their respective parts of the liturgy. The liturgy is always well staged so that the visual and dramatic character of the event reinforces the meaning of the words and actions. The principal leader was at the top of his form. Although he and other leaders expressed a sense of personal presence, there was nothing trivial or inept about their words or actions.
You'll want to read it all here ... and we'd love to know what YOU think!